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Friday, August 21, 2015

important update

important update: my hair is still growing. it's long and carefree because i haven’t cut it since march.  it’s past the point where it’s a novelty for me, so i’m trying to figure out its next steps.  it’s great to have it all over the place and free and people are like yeah i wish i had the courage to do that, but at a certain point, maybe it’s unruly and lazy and unkempt and i don’t want it long without any shape or direction or goals.

and i am definitely just talking about my hair and not my employment situation.

reading list (with author nicknames!):

jenny egan, 'a visit from the goon squad'

ernie hemingway, 'a moveable feast'

jimmy baldwin, 'giovanni's room'

ray carver, 'where i'm calling from'

read these all. yeah. you should definitely read all of these books.

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