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Friday, September 11, 2015


i just celebrated my one year anniversary of living here.  like, I didn’t celebrate it, persé, but it did happen.  i had some wine, i guess.  

cats on roofs looking at me
quite glad to get back into september in paris.  august is truly a bizarre month -- i posted a few photos on instagram, but these three might give a decent indication of the weirdness when the city empties out:

some sort of march..
a pink cadillac
politically incorrect disney princesses
but we’re back on solid ground now (see above cat photo).

just got a job at an irish pub to complement freelance work.  that said, if anyone want to advertise on this blog, i’ll def give you a deal.  in the meantime, though, i’ve been eating lots of cereal and pasta and canned vegetables to cut costs.

i’ve begun going to the farmer’s market at bastille to get my produce.  it’s significantly cheaper and i get to barter.  not much bartering done in the grocery store.  the last time i tried, i think the cashier thought i was hitting on him and so i don’t go to that grocery store anymore.

the last ten days or so, i got to hit london, amsterdam, and berlin on tour with the rapper tory lanez.  much, much more to come on that later..

Here is a taste of what it was like, though:

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