i am from the heartland of the united states of america
i live in paris but also i go other places, too

i write about all those things when i can and then when i remember i put it on this website so other people can read about it if they want to

Friday, August 29, 2014

on professional soccer/rugby/surprising musical guests in a small french town

god a blog piece.  sorry to keep the fans waiting.  it’s been a while, it’s been a while.  august seventh was the last one, really?  lord.
i’ve wanted to write on and incorporate some of the photos / videos i’ve taken, but i actually don’t think my phone can usb transfer files.  if you know cs or wizardry, please let me know.

(in the meantime, sans images)


Thursday, August 7, 2014

monks in the moshpit


i've sort of gotten to know a monk who practices on the (built in 1775 by famed family of organ builders, the cavaille-coll family, and now classed as a historical monument) organ that sits in the balcony directly above my head, often until after i close up shop.

i have this idea of monks kind of looking like friar tuck in the animated version of robin hood, but this dude looks like he could be a soccer player or something.  he's one suave looking monk.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

ketchup ketchup

(my new job is me sitting in the back of a church saying hi and bye to people as they enter and exit and, when someone mercifully asks me questions, i get to have human interactions.  but i'm rarely online so these are things i write in a notebook and once i'm home i don't really want to write more so they're delayed.)

i saw the tour de france the morning after that last blog post.  grandpa had an already-twice-rescheduled dentist appointment to get to, so he dropped me off a the bottom of a category 4 hill and i climbed it en shorts/high socks/straw hat (i've been on the alone game a fair amount since then, including the few days in paris, which actually won't be covered on in this blog post because i'm going to write thematically rather than chronologically) up two km to a nice niche on a steepish slope from which i could see riders from a few turns down.  didn't help much -- they zoomed by, it was early in the race and it was an easy climb.