i am from the heartland of the united states of america
i live in paris but also i go other places, too

i write about all those things when i can and then when i remember i put it on this website so other people can read about it if they want to

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

cassoulet festival, i hate math, first inklings of paris

i moved to paris eight days ago.

while the first, say, five or six days were just a whirlwind of spacially and physical reorientation and constant stimulation, the last two or three have been the first few in what i assume will be manymany of a psychological and existential reorientation of self.  a medicore analogy to help visualize:  think about when you put a new address in google maps on your iphone and it goes temporarily haywire and spins around and changes direction NESW and altitude etc. before finally pointing in the direction that you’d set.  but then, this time, you look on the maps and everything behind you is filled in but all that lies before you is blank, ‘sorry, road not recognized.’  null territory ahead.