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Friday, August 21, 2015

sicily, early august

view from the apartment
i went to sicily for one week.  it was one of the most beautiful weeks of my life.

sicily, yo.  sicily is bananas.  my aunt and uncle have an apartment in mondello, a sort of beach commune of palermo.  in early august, it’s about 85 degrees and everyone is out in very small swimsuits and the sun, yo, the sun -- it’s like a ton of bricks.  luckily, palermitans/sicilians/italians have invented all kinds of wonderful reprieves from the heat -- gelato, granite, cremino, beach clubs.

view from the piazza down the street

on my first two days, we took a road trip and visited some dope things.  here are some examples:

selinunte, which was this huge temple that was destroyed during a complex greek/carthaginian conflict
segesta, where there is a half built temple because they ran out of money or it was stolen (..?)

marsala, as in CHICKEN MARSALA or the wine or the beautiful western coast of sicily
when we got back from this trip, we spent most days reading and eating very fresh fruit and then hitting the beach club for hours of swimming and sun bathing.  

then, i’d go for a run along capo gallo, this jaw-droppingly gorgeous nature preserve on the coast.  a funny thing happened to me.  at the cape, i watched the sun set into a dazzling red that crisped the sea’s whitecaps.  a group of youngsters sat and watched as well.  with my broken italian, i asked if they spoke english, then asked if they could take my photo.  the boy who took my photo said he would send it to me on facebook.

a few days later, i still hadn’t received a photo, but then this happened:

like… beautiful.  that’s the type of thing that makes you fall in love with a place.  #helplawrence

of course, i thanked him profusely.  a friend of my cousin tagged her in the post after meeting me.

on that note, my cousins are all dope and my uncle and aunt are wonderful people.  it had been a few years since i’d seen them, and they’re good, generous, kind people, and that’s great to see.

we ate pizza and huge platters of pesto pasta.

at a beach club, i had an octopus/potato tortino, which means little cake, which means dankness.

also, i had this white fish called mupa which tasted like buttery angel flesh.

i want to go back.  there are 50€ round trip flights.

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